Neil Roden is a new British indie author who writes about the exploits of a teenage boxer called Rashid.

Like most indie authors, Neil leads a double life.  By day, he skilfully wields various applications produced by the venerable Mr Gates.  By night (well early mornings and late afternoons, at least), he escapes to a fantasy world of fast cars, martial arts and underground lairs.

To relieve the boredom of his daily two hour train commute, Neil's first book, Hidden Depths, was initially tapped out with one thumb on his generic (fruit based) smartphone.  But as writing turned to editing, thoughts of publishing drove him to up his game, so a phone magnet and Bluetooth keyboard brought a new air of professionalism to his workplace.

When not listening to podcasts, reading or watching TV, Neil can be found running, cycling or striding around the countryside.  And, as a proud father of two young children, he has recently added to his skill set by developing proficiency in accurately recalling nursery rhymes, dealing with prolonged sleep deprivation and changing stomach-churning dirty nappies.

He is also known to make a mean omelette.